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Reconrmendation letter: for Krzvsztof Piszczek

Universe@Home is one of the largest community science projects in Poland. I supervise its development in the Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw. Currently, about 10,000 users are engaged in scientific research by providing computational power of their computers and mobile telephones. Results are published in most prestigious specialised journals worldwide (USA, Great Britain, France, Poland). The research concerns the evolution of stellar populations in the Universe, which have a significant impact on the development of the newest astrophysical discipline:  gravitational wave sources.

Krzysztof Piszczek is our main coordinator and an expert on technical issues related to the project, which is founded by the National Science Centre.

During our cooperation on the UH project,  Krzysztof Piszczek showed professionalism in preparing the hardware for the infrastructure and necessary software, integrating our codes with BOINC, porting the programs to different platforms, and administering the project.

Currently, we still work on the Universe@Home project and are fully satisfied by the results and the fact that the research with the use of the BOINC infrastructure let us to achieve significant development in a short time. It was not possible before.

PI of the Universe@Home project
Prof. dr hab. Krzvsztof Belczvski

University of Warsaw
Astronomical Observatory
Al. Ujazdowskie 4, 00-478 Warsaw, Poland
tel: +48-22-553-05-47