BOINC Polska Foundation

BOINC Polska Foundation

Since 2011 Foundation BOINC Poland is engaged in promoting scientific ideas and techniques of scientific research in distributed computing.


From the very beginning, Mr. Krzysztof Piszczek have been working with us on a number of projects as an administrator of such projects as:

Plagiarism@Home (suspended)

Radioactive@Home (operational)

Universe@Home (operational)

Also worked with the project administrator Oproject@home. Most of these projects have been or are still conducted under the auspices of the Foundation (Universe@Home is a project of the University of Warsaw) and in each of these cooperation with Mr. Krzysztof Piszczek was perfect and unreserved.

It should be noted that within these projects Mr. Krzysztof Piszczek handles both server administration as well as configuration and adaptation of research software to work in distributed computing environment.

Furthermore, Mr. Krzysztof Piszczek is known among volunteers of distributed computing for over 10 years activly participating in initiatives undertaken by Polish and international community of BOINC.


Krzysztof Faryna from the very beginning have been engaged in activities in the largest Polish BOINC community – BOINC@Poland. Starting the Foundation BOINC Polska was partially due to his efforts. He is one of the founders and was its first president.

At the moment, thanks to the experience gained over the years, he is an administrator of a project – based on BOINC infrastructure – GoofyxGrid@Home. Currently he actively support Foundation activities in various fields.



Chairman of the Board of the Foundation BOINC Polska

 M.Eng. Dariusz Piotrowski